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Simple Canvas Demo

If you follow the links to the right you will be taken to a simple canvas drawing demo that may someday become a game. I shelved it for now because AUDIO is not up to snuff for what I want to do with it, but figured I'd throw it up just to share what canvas CAN (and cannot in some browsers) do.

It should under ideal circumstances hover around 32-33fps. On a Q6600 I've found that only Opera is up to running it fullscreen at full framerate at 1920x1200, while an i7 860 or better is required to do full screen at that size in chrome. Firefox is pretty much right out of the equation... untested for IE9 beta as yet.

Because this relies upon the HTML5 CANVAS element it requires a browser capable of displaying it, such as Opera 10, IE9 beta, or the latest versions of Chrome and/or Firefox. I'm too lazy to put browser sniffing in right now.

Anyone feels like running with it, knock yourself out -- just please give credit where credit is due.