Deathshadow's Madness
Madness and you, perfect together

Click on the above screen to play

Special thanks to the Internet Archive for a WORKING JavaScript implementation. That Java garbage was getting tired.


  • If the game loads oddly scrolled halfway down -- and doesn't fix itself after a few seconds -- try cycling the "power" using the button on the "display" above. There is a bug in how the embedded iframe from the Internet Archive aligns itself in some browsers. Sometimes scrolling up and down before reloading helps. They probably wouldn't have these problems if they weren't wasting Jquery on it.
  • Internet Explorer REALLY isn't up to running this! since it's an outdated, outmoded, slow as molassas steaming pile. We're emulating a DOS computer with JAVASCRIPT here! For the full experience it is recommended you use Chrome or Firefox.

Keyboard Controls

Player Movement
TIP - Generally you are best off pressing the movement key BEFORE you reach the corner.
O Toggle Sound On/Off
J Recalibrate Joystick
Only works when joystic is enabled from the command line with /joy
Start Game at menu
ESC Exit Game to Menu
Exit Program from Menu