Deathshadow's Madness
Madness and you, perfect together



Click the Screen Above to Play

Emulation details

NOTICE The FULLSCREEN button above works!
To exit fullscreen mode press CTRL + F12

Please note that depending on your system specifications the above emulation may not play as smoothly or sound as nice as it would on real hardware, or a proper emulation like VICE.

It also may not respond to keyboard input every now and then.
If that happens click here to attempt a reload.

Also be aware that after the first click to enable the Java control, this emulator treats mouse clicks as joystick button presses.

This emulator also fails to properly respond to the display blank command, often leaving garbage or sprites showing that would not display on the real hardware. It's by no means a perfect emulation, but it was the best I could find to embed this game in a website with.

P.S. The above monitor is coded entirely with HTML and CSS3, no images are used in it's creation.

Keyboard Controls

Player Movement
TIP - Generally you are best off pressing the movement key BEFORE you reach the corner.
O Toggle Sound On/Off
J Recalibrate Joystick
Only works when joystic is enabled from the command line with /joy
Start Game at menu
ESC == RUN/STOP Exit Game to Menu
Exit Program from Menu