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Audio Technical

Originally I was only going to implement support for the PC speaker and Tandy Sound -- both of which are remarkably simple to program (once you understand the PIT)... but having a soundblaster 1.0 in one of my testbed machines I decided to try and implement the original "Creative Music System" or C/MS, which is also known as a Game Blaster. (the predecessor to the Sound Blaster). All game effects are programmed to work on a three voice system, so the extra channels in the C/MS went unused.

There is no reliable way to auto-detect the presence of a C/MS card that I'm aware of (if anyone cares to correct me on that I'd love to hear it!) so to use it you must start the program from the command line with /cms.

I figured while I was adding Game Blaster support, I would also program it to work with the Adlib card so owners of later model Sound Blasters aren't left out in the cold. The Adlib FM music is actually NOT as versatile at making sound effects IMHO as while it has several hundred more programming options, the card is painfully slow to program due to the delays used in it's port handling, and that pretty much everything is based on sine-waves making it very hard to get a "strong" sound out of it. EVERYTHING from the adlib sounds muddy or metallic.

As such, to my ears at least the C/MS and Tandy remain the best choice for audio when/if they are available.

Play Now in Your Browser!

  • MS-DOS
    Chrome or Firefox Recommended!. Other browsers may try to run this, but it uses some advanced modern JavaScript to function properly.
  • Commodore 64
    This requires Oracle Java to work properly, which not all browsers will even let you DO in the browser anymore! Laughably, this is the one you're better off trying in IE or Safari.

System Requirements

  • 4.77mhz or faster 8088
  • 128k of RAM
  • (66,560 bytes free in DOS)
  • DOS 2.11 or Higher
  • CGA, Tandy/PcJr, EGA
    or VGA video

...or just run it in DosBox

Supported Sound Cards

PC Speaker, Tandy/PcJr, C/MS Game Blaster, Adlib, MT-32 or other MIDI Device

For more information on running DOS games on modern systems, visit the DOSBox Website

To learn more about on running DOS games in your browser, please visit the JDOSBox Website or it's associated SourceForge project page.