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SDLTexture - generate textures from code

A thread on Pascal Game Development mentioned generating gradients and textures using Python - and naturally the question became doing it in Pascal. Just a couple weeks earlier a programming challenge on LovingTech was to do so using PHP so I ported my PHP challenge entry to Pascal using SDL - where it works quite well.

So well that I'm thinking... why waste all sorts of disk space, bandwidth and time on using bitmapped textures, when you could just generate them from code? Right now this is just a very simple one-routine unit that outputs a gradient, but I'm thinking that adding a whole bunch of other effects like noise, bricklines or motion-blur you could stack them together to build textures from code - which could be ideal if you are programming for handhelds where storage space is at a premium.

Right now this page is more of just a place-holder until I have some time to code in the extra features, though you can download the version I put up at PGD from the links above.